[ M2M method]

At Ifedes, we are consultants specialists in transforming companies’ business model, helping the management in this
market-orientation (M2M).

All with commitment and involvement in the implementation of the necessary tools in the two areas of:

Market Development
(Strategy, Market, Sales, Internationalization and Communication)
Management Development
(Management, Innovation, Optimization, Human Capital and Training)


Nowadays, it is essential to have an external, objective and qualified insight that helps to innovate the business model from market-orientation.  Moreover, it is equally critical to have the ability to implement that market-orientation within the organization, the company’s culture and the management. In this way, we will manage to align the organization with the new strategic approach.

[ Market Development ]

The more the market changes the clearer our vision has to be: it is time to look up our sights, to think and to operate strategically. The long term is what gives meaning to the operational turns necessary in the everyday life. “Worry about the future, it’s where you’ll spend the rest of your days”. It is necessary to avoid the two great strategic problems of companies: strategic myopia and strategic inertia.

It is necessary to build models with the demand as a starting point, where the client is at the center of the company. We have to work on concepts such as “micro-segmentation” in order to offer to clients what they are looking for, we have to build up from “the client experience”, the “multi-channel management”, taking advantage of each of them.

It is necessary to focus more the business model, only thus you will be able to reach the market in less time and with fewer resources.

With this philosophy of market orientation, at Ifedes we integrate the different work tools according to each company’s goals and reality when undertaking this type of project:
Currently, for business and market development, it is essential to count on an external, objective and qualified insight to innovate the business model. We are specialists in developing attitude and strategic thinking across the whole organization, with commitment and involvement in results, in the short, medium and long term.

We offer comprehensive solutions that allow you to calculate and narrow financial, commercial and production risk, gaining a thorough knowledge of the environment, anticipating problems, maximizing profits and progressively approaching the goal to be achieved.

The specific actions that can be performed involve developing a strategic business plan, define the business model, advising on alliances and corporate operations as well as developing cooperation and business development models.

Marketing is a strategic tool in Market Development used for positioning and being able to compete successfully. At Ifedes, we comprehensively plan and manage the marketing of our clients through criteria that combine innovation, coherence, effectiveness and market orientation.

We offer solutions to our clients’ needs for sales, marketing and relationship with their consumers, based on the combination of product – price – channels – market variables.

Some of the specific actions that we carry out are the development of value and branding proposals, commercial and marketing development plans, strategies and tactics for being multi-channel and analyzing the market information systems.

The sales force is one of the cornerstones of a company’s Market Development. The commercial strategy relies on it to produce results.
In order for the organization to function, it is not enough to have good sales representatives; it is necessary to have a comprehensive plan to revitalize effectively and efficiently the commercial area.

Commercial management, goals setting, remuneration-motivation, market scouting, multi-channel marketing, market information systems, monitoring and control tools are all aspects ought to be incorporated into the sales force to turn them into “market managers”.

With regards to specific tools, we may mention the development of a commercial revitalization plan, the implementation of commercial management systems, the launching of new products and the development of loyalty-building and relational marketing actions.

Nowadays, the unstoppable globalization and its competitive dynamics have turned the internationalization strategy into a necessity for companies’ Market Development. Companies face numerous unanswered questions to which they have to give adequate answers in order to start expanding into foreign markets or optimize their current presence in a rational, coherent and planned manner. The key is to develop a proactive and structured approach and not get lost in a universe of random opportunities that may arise as potential.

IFEDES with a complete portfolio of internationalization services and a network of international partners ensures success in the planning and establishment of a company abroad, across all the different stages. With a comprehensive perspective, where exporting is a step towards the true internationalization of all functional areas of the company.

Some of the main actions we develop are the company’s internationalization plan or the country plan as well as commercial optimization and dynamism, in this case with an international approach.

Communication strengthens differentiation and positioning strategy of a company in the market development of a company. Nowadays, the battlefield is the mind of our current and potential costumers. It is necessary to integrate all the elements of communication in an ordered and structured strategic approach. The fewer the resources available are, the more focus and definition is needed to be able to reach the client. It is therefore vital to identify a communication strategy integrated into the company’s overall company strategy and which is business model-oriented.

In this connection we provide this strategic approach and coherence in the creative development of our clients ‘projects, innovative designs and effective tools that will allow the company to be present in the market and in the mind of its clients.

Among the actions we carry out, the main one is to define the digital strategy, supported by the development of a communication plan, of graphic materials and new dissemination opportunities generated by the department of communication.

[ Management Development ]

The strategy comes from the market dynamics, but when it is established in the organization, if not compatible with the culture, the latter always rules, which is why the internal aspects of the company need to be redeveloped.

Internal-change needs, arising from such important changes occurred in the market in the recent years, are forcing to change business management models and are turning Change Management into the key of Strategic Management.

The process of guiding organizations in establishing management tools reveals the need to adapt processes and gain speed of internal change in models, to be competitive, attractive and differentiated.

Now that we are facing times of growth, which came with new blueprints and new talent broadening the organization’s competences – always within the core idea of people as the cornerstones of the company, we have face those challenges with the adequate tools. This requires “talent for growth”.

With that challenge as the goal of our work, at Ifedes we integrate the different tools to achieve internal development:
The rapid developments that we have been experiencing in recent years reveal the need to gain speed of internal change in management models, to modernize and adapt all company’s processes, in order to be able to be competitive, attractive and differentiated.

We provide companies with an external insight as a decision-making tool, taking into account the vision and know-how of the market as well as the methodology of business management. 

We revitalize company’s governing bodies by ensuring the implementation of the Action Plans that have been established. We support and promote human resources involvement, executive development and management professionalization in order to achieve change management in your company and cultural evolution of both the people and the organization, for making it more receptive to the market needs.
The specific actions we develop are the revitalization of governing bodies, transition plans and family protocols, interim processes and management support as well as change management. 

In its daily striving to improve management, the company needs to develop and innovate, to know what happens in its environment, see things from other perspectives, to develop its holistic view of the market. Innovating requires a certain dedication and, above all, method for doing it in a profitable way according to the company’s interests and objectives.

At Ifedes, we believe that innovation is something real, which requires for the company be supported in this ongoing work of devising and/or transforming its products, its processes, its organization and the marketing of its operating model, guiding this transition from the innovative idea to a tangible business, taking into account all the company’s variables.


The range of activities goes from market-oriented innovation, search for financing and global services, to spin-offs and start-ups through Ifedes Development Programme as a new, different and collaborative way to develop new projects.

The need to optimize the company’s resources, to simplify for gaining speed, and cost improvements are all decisive factors for competitive improvement.

Within the management improvement strategy, productivity is essential. Therefore, reviewing processes and incorporating technologies lead to process simplification and significant cost savings in the company. Field in which we are specialists. 

The business tools that we develop are management control systems, reengineering and optimization of processes, implementation of management standards and systems, incorporation of information technologies and a competitive improvement plan for purchases.

At Ifedes, the management improvement is only understood as originating in the human capital, as a strategic tool used for the processes of change and development of an organization.

That is why we offer a broad range of services with a comprehensive focus on a Strategic Management model. All of this has one goal - to select, develop and retain talent in the organization, and it is always aligned with the company’s strategy and the market. As we are undertaking a new cycle, we need talent development for growing, new competences, new profiles…

The concrete actions that we develop are talent attraction and management, competences-based management, staff selection and analysis of positions, goal-oriented management, remuneration systems and internal communication tools.

Within the management development strategy built around the company’s human capital, our training system is based on motivating and retaining talent, encouraging the professional development of the members of the organization, training the company’s structure to adapt and react to market changes and needs.

We offer training services tailored to each company’s situation, need and culture. For over 20 years we have been conducting training in the best business schools, we have been developing Executive Development Programs, corporate programs. Moreover, our consultants have given training actions set them up in the companies, in each of competence, in order to help and ease their practical introduction. All of this, with the purpose of imparting and developing the competences and culture of the company, to be better prepared it to face market changes.

Within this service we develop various tools, we provide training actions in different modalities and training management service, we develop coaching programs and executive development programs.

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